Quantitative research, in-depth analysis and the right data inform your marketing strategies and campaigns.


Improve decision-making, forecasting and strengthen your competitive advantage

With access to more than 10,000 individual consumer attributes right down to the 20-household level, we deliver in-depth cultural insights and market profiles to help you identify and maximize cultural market opportunities. Develop a robust, data-driven marketing strategy with us that incorporates cultural nuances to optimize your products or services for success and sustainable growth in cultural markets, now and in the future. Our data mining and analytics services include:

Our data mining and analytics services include:

Store profiling

Heat mapping

Market opportunity analysis

Market forecasting

Identify, understand and target profitable new prospects

Get a window into your current and future consumer base as an essential starting point to your cultural marketing campaign. Our EthnoCultural Profiling service maps out your current customers in relation to the total market potential and identifies service, product, and partnership opportunities.

Inform your cultural marketing efforts with detailed insights into consumer lifestyle, behaviours, shopping habits, transaction patterns and socio-demographic attributes – so you can focus in on the right segments.

Capture the elusive newcomer market

Gain unique access to important data on the hard-to-research 0-2 year immigrant demographic. This consumer segment is highly coveted by marketers, as newcomers are most open to new products and brands as the adapt to their new country.

Our national panel, of 100,000 can be segmented by years in Canada, age, language, income, gender … We can tap into Newcomers immediately upon landing into North America or before they arrive.

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Our qualitative market research services help you go beyond the numbers to gain a deeper understanding of nuances, behaviours, preferences and perceptions within the cultural and ethnic marketplace

Connect directly with the cultural consumer to glean insights

Gathering actionable data about the true feelings and perceptions of cultural consumers regarding your brand can be challenging. Ethnic consumers do not always voice or clearly communicate disagreement with statements made by their peers. Our Inspiration Sessions™ removes barriers, connecting your marketing team directly with cultural consumers to help you learn more about how they really view your products and services. These carefully-moderated sessions are not your traditional focus groups. They are designed to bring brands and consumers together to allow you to:

Our data mining and analytics services include:

Gauge consumer sentiment

Ask questions and glean subtle insights

Inspire, provoke and learn from consumers

Uncover sensitivities, truths and language barriers

Read facial expressions and hear answers in the consumer’s own words.

Gain qualitative consumer insights to strengthen your positioning and fortify your marketing tactics

True insight into the behaviors and preferences of cultural consumers requires more than data. Through traditional focus groups, community intercepts and in-store ‘shopalongs’, we gather key qualitative insights and cultural nuances that serve to finetune your brand positioning and strengthen your marketing strategy.

We work directly with customers to analyze their behavior, isolate cultural nuances, and gather pertinent details that gives you a telling window into their shopping experience.

We know what questions to ask, how deep to go, and which insights matter most to your cultural marketing programs.

Tap into the unconscious triggers that drive purchase decisions

Need a deeper understanding of the cultural consumer and how they shop? CulturaliQ uses innovative research modalities to capture emotional triggers that drive online and in-store preferences and behaviours. Through CulturaEye Tracker™, our proprietary multi-lingual process applied to the cultural consumer, we can accurately identify online UX / UI consumption of digital media behaviours. We can also use CulturaEye Tracker™ to identify eye movements during a ‘Shopalong’ qualitative process to powerfully inform your marketing decisions around shelf allocation, signage and packaging creative.

The insights we glean will allow you to optimize the digital buying journey for these cultural consumers to

maximize retention,

increase click-through rates, and

improve conversion.

Understand the attitudes, behaviours and opinions of newcomers to Canada

Cultural identity plays a major role in influencing consumer behavior and shaping the way a buyer approaches and perceives certain products and services. The heritage and history of each cultural consumer —whatever demographic or country of origin — has a major impact on the way they shop, consume media, and how they interpret brand messaging. Global-Sense™ provides a window into these telling behaviors to help marketers strengthen and laser-focus their strategies.

CulturaliQ’s Global-Sense™ is built on two powerful platforms:

Newcomer Acclimatization

This test uses both quantitative and qualitative insights to help marketers refine their campaigns targeting newcomers to Canada/North America. It determines how quickly newcomers adopt to North American life and culture versus their traditional culture and way of thinking. The rate of adaption can vary by brand, category and where they have settled in North America. Insights derived from this test will help companies and marketers:

Reposition their brand to reach newcomer groups

Customize their messaging, packaging and design

Focus their media strategy

Global Ethnocultural Benchmarking™ — our proprietary platform

This pioneering research modality defines us as a leading research agency. It covers all the bases, providing you with a rare window into customer attitudes, behaviors, religion and opinions of newcomers shaped long before they begin the new immigrant journey – all factors that influence the way they buy. These insights, customized to your needs, target groups and programs, become the foundation of highly-influential and results-driven marketing strategies.

Cultural Synthesis

Our key differentiator synthesizing Quantitative, Qualitative and Global Sense to drive strategy and results.

Our online Cultural Panel™, in combination with our quantitative, GlobalSense™ and Newcomer Acclimatization, first assesses your brand’s marketing potential, positioning, media, messaging triggers, and other elements of your strategy. Then, we deliver key insights to help you reach and meaningfully engage this desirable consumer group.


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