Bell Let’s Talk

Today is BELL Let’s Talk day. January 25, 2023. This day has become such an important annual event to bring forward awareness for more support, for diminishing stigma, and for normalizing these health issues faced by many Canadians.

We see all kinds of discussion today including stories of resilience and progression and advancement through the challenges of these health issues. This day is so important.

We count on people to bring forward their own stories and experiences. A day like today encourages everyone to speak from their own perspective and share stories that will help them as well as others.

Here at CulturaliQ we would be pleased to add our small amount onto this huge mountain of information-sharing.

We just wrapped up a White Paper summary for a study we did last year. An incredible community of support is available from Life With A Baby. As North America’s largest parent peer-support network, Life With A Baby has emerged as a pivotal advocate for brokering change in the recognition, treatment, and stigma of maternal mental health. This incredibly dedicated group is always looking to better serve those parents facing mental health issues and they brought us in to help them identify any areas needing advancement in their service availability for racialized, Indigenous and/or LGBTQ2S+ parents seeking support. We were thrilled, and proud, to be chosen to help shine a light where it might need to be shone and to identify areas needing additional support.

On behalf of ourselves and Life With A Baby we owe a big thanks for the funding of this study to Bell Let’s Talk through the Bell Diversity Fund. It’s an over-used sentiment, but – this couldn’t have happened without you.

Thanks to everyone for their willingness to share and help make today as impactful and important as it needs to be.

Published: January 26, 2023


John Stevenson

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