Canada’s Multicultural Talent

It’s such a treat to keep an eye on these couple Canadian TV Shows. Canada’s Got Talent and The Amazing Race Canada are actively aware of their role as being representative of the many faces of Canada. They both continue to be inclusive and diverse with the participants they include on their shows. And the endless stories that come from that broad representation are wonderful.

One of those stories continued to play out last night on CGT as young performer Katherine Lynn Rose continued to put a musical theatre spin on her story as a child of Chinese parents who came to Canada in the early 2000’s. Her songwriting and storytelling about her experiences as a young Canadian with the household expectations of her Chinese heritage played out against her dreams of artistic theatre are making her an easy contestant to enjoy and root for. A link to last nights performance below.

At CulturaliQ we focus on the changing landscape of the Canadian market as immigration continues to shift the ethnic and cultural realities for all businesses in all industries.

If you are doing business in Canada at any level, you simply must get closer to the details of these shifts happening in the market you rely on for success. It’s the right thing to do and the responsible thing to do.

It is certainly changing. You will need to make some changes too.

New Canadians and their children are looking for their path and their plan. Our incredible Country is the place this is all happening in. Make certain you are involved.


Published: May 10, 2023


John Stevenson

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