Canadian Companies Reframe Diversity Efforts After Landmark Study

At CulturaliQ, we are committed to helping organizations embrace diversity and realize their full potential in a rapidly changing landscape. We are thrilled to see leading Canadian organizations, including the Toronto Transit Authority (TTC), Sephora Canada, the Ontario government, and Professional Engineers Ontario, implementing new, comprehensive policies to better recruit and retain underrepresented female employees. These initiatives come as a direct response to our groundbreaking national study in partnership with Pink Attitude Evolution “Changing Face of Canada’s Workforce Study,” which revealed critical insights into the experiences of South Asian women in the workplace.   Click here to see the press release Canadian Companies Reframe Diversity Efforts After Landmark Study3 1


Changing Face of Canada’s Workforce Study

The 2022 study highlighted that 57% of South Asian women and 46% of BIPOC immigrant women were considering leaving their jobs due to workplace dissatisfaction and unfair treatment, compared to 27% of white women. As immigration drives nearly 100% of Canada’s labour force growth, addressing these issues is crucial for the future of our workforce. 

Ruby Dhillon, CEO of Pink Attitude Evolution, emphasized the need to remove systemic barriers for South Asian and other immigrant women to unlock the potential of these vital groups. In collaboration with Pink Attitude Evolution, CulturaliQ is leading the way in leveraging intersectoral DEI data to uncover challenges and opportunities, helping organizations fully harness a diversifying workforce. 

John Stevenson with the Pink Attitude Team

TTC’s Efforts 

Pink Attitude Evolution and CulturaliQ has supported the TTC to enhance its DEI programs. Over the past year, the TTC has increased recognition of employees of Asian descent and is working to eliminate Canadian work experience requirements that hinder immigrant job seekers. Collaborations with Northeastern University and Humber College have broadened hiring practices to include international students. TTC CEO Rick Leary highlighted the importance of making the TTC a desirable workplace for all employees. 

Sephora Canada’s Initiatives 

Sephora Canada, a sponsor of the Pink Attitude study, has implemented significant changes based on our insights. The company launched the South Asian employee resource group Gold, which highlights cultural moments and fosters employee engagement. Additionally, the Sephora Talent Incubator Program (STIP) supports underrepresented talent in career development. Salma Dhanani, Senior Manager of Inclusion & Belonging at Sephora, noted that the study’s data has been instrumental in driving positive change within the organization.


Ontario Government’s Legislation

The Ontario government acted swiftly following our study. The Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development introduced legislation in October 2021 to ban Canadian work experience requirements for regulated professions. This led Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) to remove such requirements, and further legislation in March 2024 extended this ban to job postings and application forms. David Piccini, Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development, emphasized the importance of eliminating barriers for newcomers, particularly in skilled trades and healthcare. 


Pink Attitude Evolution’s Continued Efforts 

In collaboration with CulturaliQ, Pink Attitude Evolution continues to empower young BIPOC women through initiatives like a six-month leadership development course in partnership with Core Allies, LCC, offering peer mentoring and coaching sessions. Ruby Dhillon highlighted the importance of collaborating with visionaries to remove systemic inequities and unlock the potential of BIPOC women, benefiting Canada’s diverse population. 

At CulturaliQ, we are proud to be part of these transformative efforts. The comprehensive actions taken by Canadian companies and government bodies are essential steps towards a more inclusive and equitable workforce, reflecting the rapidly changing face of Canada’s population. Together, we are building a brighter future for all. 

Published: June 18, 2024


John Stevenson

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