Confusion Again

Confusion. Again.

I have found I use the term nuance often. I’m not certain I’m always using it to my benefit entirely as I, and my staff, work to inform the market about shifting realities and opportunities in Canada because of the remarkable recent wave of immigration.

When you spend every day processing these points of differentiation, and unique aspects of multiple cultures, and the points of their recent affect on the Canadian market – you get good, fast, at subtleties and data points that matter. And also, data points that don’t matter. It’s my job to sort this through. To find those impactful nuances that mean so much and make the big differences.

The Leafs played the Florida Panthers last week. Two members of those Panthers chose to not skate in the team Pride jerseys during warm ups this week. As I see it, we have a big space/small space issue and I have a few things to say about it.

First off. Of all the grand ballrooms that the derivative activity from DEI efforts could fill, I live in a much smaller space than that. Inclusivity means everything to me, and it is a big part of my professional and personal life.

I spend times in big spaces, and I spend time in small spaces.

When I see these individual hockey players choose to make their own statement as they see it about the issue of pulling a jersey over their head. I find myself viewing this through both lenses that I live my life through. I believe they are confused. I believe they are getting it wrong. Pulling a Pride jersey on is simply saying to the world that I am an empathetic and welcoming individual to many issues that can become better understood for the benefit of everyone. When an NHL Player picks this moment to make a statement – I see them taking what should be a simple and humble small space moment and making it a much larger space for some reason. I hope this doesn’t happen too often.

I am lovingly beholden to many acronyms in my everyday life! I’m so proud to watch and continue to learn and guide others where I can.

I hope smaller space moments stay in the smaller theatre where they belong and don’t get individually elevated to that larger space stage it was never intended for.

Published: March 28, 2023


John Stevenson

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