FIFA WORLD CUP 2022, The Newcomer Journey

The TSN & CTV coverage of the World Cup has been a treat to watch so far. With the first game for Canada only hours away now, the broadcast crew is set to switch from their build-up phase to the live action phase. It’s been a treat hearing about how various establishments and schools and businesses across Canada are going to gather and share the game together. Very cool stuff.

Part of the Coverage over the last couple days has been previewing the individual talent on Team Canada, and from our perspective here at CulturaliQ, it reads like a playbook for how Sport can become such an important part of the identity for new Canadians. So many Team Canada players have their own family immigrant story as they found their way to Canada and chose Sport as one of their first important steps into the Canadian landscape.

As part of the Opening Ceremony coverage, James Duthie had Alphonso Davies on set to discuss his injury status and gauge his excitement heading in to the first World Cup appearance for Canada since 1986. In that wonderful discussion Alphonso spoke about the journey to Canada for his family. Part of the interview was a graphic of a tweet from Alphonso saying:

A kid born in a refugee camp wasn’t supposed to make it! But here we are GOING TO THE WORLD CUP. Don’t let no one tell you that your dreams are unrealistic, KEEP DREAMING, KEEP ACHIEVING!

We at CulturaliQ have studied and catalogued so much detail within this type of 1st & 2nd generation Canadian family story. Today we celebrate the safe space for fun and involvement inside Sport. On other days we are understanding where education or part-time jobs or volunteerism can be that place for immigrants to take their first steps into their new Canadian Lives.

As we continue to welcome so many new Canadians and watch them pick a path for how their family will enter into the Canadian Community, we celebrate those choices and will settle in to watch the and share the successes of those choices with all of Canada.

Published: November 23, 2022


John Stevenson

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