GlobalSense: Understanding the Newcomer Brand Experience Pre and Post-Immigration

In a world increasingly shaped by the flow of people across borders, understanding the newcomer’s brand experience is not just a facet of business strategy—it’s a necessity. The Inclusive Marketing Intelligence Program introduces GlobalSense™, a sophisticated product designed to decode the consumer insights associated with the journey of immigrants as they acclimatize to their new home in Canada.

Intermigration: The Consumer Journey Unfolds

GlobalSense™ stands as a pillar of the Inclusive Marketing Intelligence Program, offering global benchmarking and a nuanced exploration into the layers of consumer behavior. This initiative is rooted in the recognition that the brand experience for newcomers doesn’t start upon landing in Canada; it’s an ongoing narrative that begins long before and continues through the acclimatization process.

Uncovering the Phases of Newcomer Acclimatization

Our research has distilled the immigrant settlement journey into four distinct phases, each with its consumer behavior patterns:

  • Disorientation: Fresh off the plane, consumers seek the comfort of the familiar. Brands that offer convenience and simplicity can find favor during this turbulent time.
  • Orientation (1-2 Years): With the initial disorientation waning, newcomers become explorers. This phase is ripe for engagement as they are open to experimenting with new brands and experiences.
  • Settlement: Now more established, immigrants make more informed choices. They understand the market better and begin to show brand preferences based on a mix of newfound knowledge and lingering cultural ties.
  • Belonging: Finally, immigrants feel a sense of belonging in Canada, yet they maintain a deep-rooted connection to their homeland. This phase offers opportunities to brands that can blend local nuances with cultural heritage.

The Pivotal Role of Consumer Insights

GlobalSense™ serves as a lens focusing on the complete picture of a newcomer’s life transition. It provides:

  • Comprehensive Consumer Insight: Our approach ensures businesses gain an understanding of the consumer’s journey at each settlement phase.
  •     Strategies for Increased Engagement: By identifying the unique needs and preferences at each phase, businesses can tailor their strategies to maximize engagement.
  •     Adaptability for Brands: Insights from GlobalSense™ empower brands to evolve their products or services to meet the dynamic needs of diverse consumer group

Global Benchmarking with GlobalSense™

What sets GlobalSense™ apart is its commitment to global benchmarking. By comparing consumer behaviors pre and post-immigration, brands can understand how cultural backgrounds influence consumer choices and how these choices evolve in a new cultural context.

Embracing the Multicultural Market with GlobalSense™

Incorporating GlobalSense™ into your marketing arsenal means embracing a world where consumer behaviors are as diverse as the people themselves. It’s a step towards not only welcoming newcomers to Canada but truly understanding them. As part of the Inclusive Marketing Intelligence Program, GlobalSense™ is your guide through the complex, yet rewarding, landscape of multicultural marketing.

Published: November 21, 2023


John Stevenson

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