Manning and Beckham finally get to the bottom of it … almost

Cultural realities mixed with domestic interpretation, all served up inside the passionate landscape of Sport! Well, we here at CulturaliQ love this stuff.

We love it because we live it.

Those of us in North America have always had this subplot around our domestic name for this worldwide game. We’ve had plenty of chances to poke fun at this differentiation over the years. I suspect there’s likely been a heated discussion or two at a local pub in the UK as North American tourists carried their own language styles with them through the gates at Heathrow and out into the wide world of British Football fans.

It’s fun & it’s annoying & it’s a classic go-to cultural differentiator that’s been leaned on a lot over the years. Oh, by the way, someone finally just got it nailed down perfectly. The Eli Manning + David Beckham ad for Frito Lay has captured the spirit of this topic. I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this article for you to enjoy.

Myself and my colleagues here at CulturaliQ see variations of this every day. This isn’t a one-off word-play instance that is so unique we should get the worlds biggest sports stars to make a fun commercial about it. This is common ground – very common, and we’ve been on the ground in this arena for 3 decades.

We built out a 30-year repository of cultural consumer behaviour data. We’ve built up the largest panel of recent immigrants to the Canadian population. These are available for those of you who have decided you need to navigate this market with awareness and understanding. We know valuable data when we see it – we have untangled all the details from the 2021 Canadian Census – you probably have a sense of this but if you are going to remain competitive, this portion of the market must become a priority. You’re actually late.

New Canadians will have to make a lot of decisions as they establish the things they must have and evaluate the things they might want. Which phone provider is considering my unique needs and which sport should my family consider supporting as new Canadians.

The Football vs Soccer angle is a classic – and it can be a fun one to look at as you will see in the video below. But the reality of proper communication in a culturally diverse market is not an environment to enter without inside guidance. Contact me to make certain you will navigate this arena wisely. Language and tone and consumer understanding are the tools needed to make an impact in a part of the market that is too big to ignore and too powerful to be navigated incorrectly.

Co-written with Tim Green

Published: December 10, 2022


John Stevenson

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