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Unlock the Potential of Cultural Nuances to Drive Growth and Compete Effectively in Today’s Global Landscape

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Expert Multicultural Marketing Agency for Inclusive and Effective Research.

Your go-to source for identifying untapped potential and understanding the multicultural nuances that will help your brand succeed in increasingly diverse markets across North America.

Our Research Products and Services:

  1. Data Mining and Analytics: Leveraging over 10,000 individual consumer attributes at a granular 20-household level, our expert team identifies market opportunities, cultural insights, and consumer market profiles. We uncover the cultural nuances essential for optimizing sustainable growth in diverse markets.
  2. Culturapanel™: Gain unique access to the Multicultural market and the hard-to-research 0-2 years in Canada segment with our CulturaPanel™. This highly sought-after market segment is open to new products and brands as they adapt to their new country. Our US panel of over 125,000 allows our US and international clients similar access. Identify critical brand positioning, media, and messaging triggers to effectively reach and engage these growing consumer segments.
  3. Qualitative Research:
    Inspiration Sessions™: Ditch traditional focus groups for our Inspiration Sessions™, where decision-makers directly interact with consumers, removing barriers and fostering a deeper understanding of language, sensitivities, and truths.
  4. Customer Journey Research: Our online autoethnography process enables brands to unpack the consumer journey using qualitative methods that capture the full spectrum of sensory perspectives from target consumers over a 5-7 day facilitated process.
  5. Global-Sense™: Understanding the ethnocultural landscape is key to engaging with North American consumers. Global-Sense™ comprises Global Ethnocultural Benchmarking and Newcomer Acclimatization, providing an in-depth exploration of consumer preferences, societal norms, political views, family customs and language nuances that all can impact brand performance.
  6. Newcomer Acclimation: Newcomer Acclimatization delves into the quantitative and qualitative insights that determine the rate at which a newcomer adopts the norms of North American culture, providing valuable information for effective brand and market strategies.
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