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This study about Cricket could be interpreted as a classic fork-in-the-road moment for many recent Canadians. Will a decision be made to hold on to some tradition and heritage from the homeland or is this a place to choose a path that is more part of the Canadian landscape. A classic old-Country or new-Country moment.

Gather in the comfortable surroundings of the game of Cricket or maybe consider a step into a more traditional Canadian Sport.
This study shows the decisions being made are rather one-sided.

Cricket is growing in Canada.

As the population landscape in Canada shifts, so too are the choices for which sport(s) to participate in and to support through live attendance or televised coverage.

Here at CulturaliQ we have conducted, analyzed and published many studies over the years. We often find places where ethnic Canadians are making choices toward adopting many aspects of their new Canadian experience. We are not seeing that in Sport.
Sport is a powerful place where individual feelings and group camaraderie join together. Where shared memories from the homeland are wrapped in nostalgia and being enjoyed in this new Country.

It seems, to no surprise, that sport is quite personal. It also seems that sport travels across borders easily.

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Published: March 20, 2023


John Stevenson

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