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All the numbers are piling up. These numbers have solidified the final switch from Future Tense to Present Tense for every topic concerning population realities for the North American landscape.

Let’s begin then. Here’s some highlights from Statistics Canada.

We are growing. The big & round numbers are that Canada grew by 1 Million people last year placing us just shy of 40 Million Canadians. Canada is the fastest-growing G7 country.

This growth is one-sided. In 2022 StatsCan published a report updating 2020 numbers. Here is the opening quote, “Canada is a low-fertility country, or below the no-migration population replacement level of 2.1 children per woman.” 2020 saw that rate dip to 1.4, a record low.

So, records are being broken. In drastically different directions.

Total population is setting new highs while Birth Rate Replacement levels find new lows. Solving for “X growth factor” here isn’t too difficult. It’s all about immigration. Canada and America are very busy facilitating growth through immigration. Absolutely. We’ve done this all before.

This is where we need to review the powerful impact on various corners of the market because there are really just 2 ways things can break for a domestic business. You are either providing a product that new immigrants cannot bring along with them and will be sourcing out locally upon arrival. Or you are not.

Mobile phone plans. Insurance products. Transportation requirements. Neighourhood Supermarkets. Newcomers are almost as busy finding these products as the Companies providing them are actively looking for these newcomers. This is busy business on all fronts to establish the new customer bases every business is facing.

Sport? Well, sport travels well. Very well. Here comes the all-important IF/AND/THEN exploration. IF a new citizen grew up with a passion for Cricket and/or Soccer, AND there are robust infrastructures for each sport available upon their arrival, THEN what is the propensity they will fall into that infrastructure supporting the sport they love? Well, it’s high. Very high.

Cricket bats and soccer boots arrive in checked luggage at airports every day. In this huge multicultural, multilingual world, it is no surprise to us working in the sport industry that Sport is the world’s 2nd language. It is lovely to see.

Those are the numbers – time to understand the decisions.

Traditional North American families have been counted on for the classic generational transference of sport interest and support. It all starts at home. Or ends at home. Either a passionate parent delivering their sport downward, or a useful Grow The Game initiative awakening interest in the child – it will always require a parent to direct or support.

So every sport and every Company invested in sport must come to terms with the new reality of the family decision making process for newcomers. It’s different. You must get excited, and concerned, about what these 1st generation households are considering when it comes to sport. We have all been relying on the predictable pattern for traditional families handing off traditional sport options inside the household and at the dinner table. The families at these tables have changed and you’ll need to adapt.

This is where we’ve been for decades. Helping companies and industries understand there is a different process for how new families make decisions as newcomers to their country.

Every Grow The Game effort needs a rinse through what we know. It may be too traditional for the changing face of family decision making going forward.

The numbers are right there. Are you ready to educate yourself on how decisions affecting you will be made moving forward?

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Published: August 29, 2023


John Stevenson

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