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Our team had a discussion with representatives from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.    According to statistics Canada, in 2019 the tourism, cultural and heritage sectors alone contributed a stunning $43.7 billion or 4.9% of the Ontario economy.  More significantly this sector support over 550,000 jobs.   In 2019, 147 million visitors were recorded in the province from Ontarians, interprovincial and international, who spent $29.4 billion on restaurants, hotels, attractions and retailer in the province.  The culture and heritage sector meanwhile contributed $24.0 billion to the economy and supported 282,000 jobs

No other sector had been more devastated by COVID-19 than this part of the Canadian economy: closed borders, waves of COVID-19 spikes restricting the sector and the on / off again restrictions during 2020 and 2021 had a devastating tole on this important part of the Ontario economy.

So, what is the pathway to growth now that Canadians are reemerging from the isolation?Both our two flights of research on the Multicultural Canadian provides insights on the opportunities moving forward.

Dining and Shopping

Overall only 50% of multicultural Canadians are prepared to return to pre-Covid-19 levels of eating out now that the pandemic is behind us.   While some of the ethnic communities over index to the general population (South Asian and Arabic) most were below.   Clearly the sector will have to work to rebuild the confidence and trust from all consumers.

Similar patterns were seen with shopping (in malls), attending movies and religious services, across the board multicultural Canadians are anxious attending these type of community gatherings, a notable exception was the South Asian community who appears more willing across the board to engage in such activities.

Community Activities

When we looked at other activities, the ethnic Canadians demonstrated a significantly larger opportunity post COVID-19. In all of the following activities including:

  • attending community events,
  • festivals,
  • business conferences,
  • sporting and
  • live events

the South Asian, Chinese, Black, Filipino and Arabic communities will lead the way back.

When it comes to playing sports, going to the gym and exercising in general again the South Asian, Chinese and Black Canadian are more likely to participate than the general population non-ethnic Canadian.  When asked about traveling ethnic consumer are more prepared to travel within their province, within Canada and even more to the US and internationally vs. the general population.

We are planning our next round in 2023 and will be conducting micro-surveys over the coming months with our new FieldIntel App.  Interested in participating?  Contact us at info@culturaliqintl.com

Published: November 21, 2022


John Stevenson

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