Press Release: Canada’s Fastest Growing Sport?

Announcing Canada’s First National Study on the Cricket Consumer   I am delighted to announce that CulturaliQ has completed Canada’s national first cricket study.  We have completed this to full the gap in consumer insights that are crucial to support organizations in growing the sport within Canada and internationally.

Cricket: Canada’s Fastest Growing Sport

Today, there are 5,000,000+ cricket fans in Canada.  Growth in this sport is being driven by the South Asian immigration growth.  There are currently, over 2.3 million fans from South Asian, 750,000 from the West Indies and over 2 million Canadians from other cricket loving countries

This national study, the first of its kind in Canada, unpack the marketing opportunity in effectively targeting this rapidly growing audience.

Cricket for South Asians and West Indian/Black fans is a celebratory event shared with family and friends opening-up marketing opportunities.

CulturaliQ’s in-depth research identifies:

  • Who these fans are,
  • What products and services they use,
  • Their lifestyle habits
  • Future spending plans by major category

For more information, please review today’s Press Release or visit: Cricket: Canada’s Fastest Growing Sport National Study for more information on the National Study

Published: March 15, 2023


John Stevenson

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