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Mayoral Race Survey Identifies Cost of Living & Inflation as Most Pressing Issue for Racialized Voters

FieldIntel, Canada’s First Multicultural Consumer Insights App

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Toronto, June 6, 2023

Although 56% of Torontonians are racialized, there is no data on how this racialized group of voters feel about important issues in Toronto and the mayoral candidates lobbying for the right to oversee and collaborate on their behalf.

CulturaliQ, a research, strategy, and communications agency focused on cultural markets, decided we were all overdue to learn more.

CulturaliQ saw this gap and took this opportunity to amplify racialized r voices to better understand how their opinions differ from non-racialized Torontonians. Conducted between May 8 to May 23rd, 2023, CulturaliQ surveyed 148 people on their most pressing concern as Torontonians head to the polls to choose their next mayor.

“Using FieldIntel, Canada’s first multicultural research APP, our Toronto election survey underscores that cost of living, crime and cost of housing disproportionately concerns racialized Torontonians. This shows the importance of our culturally nuanced research and addressing the diverse needs of Torontonians.”, said John Stevenson, founder of CulturaliQ,

Important findings from their report, driven by Canada’s first multicultural marketing App, FieldIntel showed:

  1. Immigrant voters are less likely to oppose the moving of the science centre (43% immigrant vs 63% Why? Located in Flemington Park, 79% of the population is racialized (2016 data, City of Toronto) compared to 56% of all of Toronto, with 35% of the population living below the poverty line (compared to 22% in all of Toronto). According to the CBC, the plan for moving the Science Centre involves additional housing construction in the area including lower cost, high destiny housing solutions.
  2. Cost of living & inflation concern many Torontonians, both racialized and non-racialized, as the inflation rate is currently 4.4% (compared to 2% pre-pandemic). For example, the average grocery bill went up 27% over the course of 2022 (according to Canada’s Food Price Report for 2023). However, this will disproportionately affect racialized families, as they are more likely to be in, or near, poverty realities. According to 2020 data from Canada Without Poverty, 1 in 5 racialized families in Toronto are in poverty compared to 1 in 20 non-racialized families.
  3. Immigrant voters are more likely to see crime and gun violence as an important issue (14% immigrant vs 5% born in Canada) “This makes sense, as there has been a surge in hate crimes since the beginning of the pandemic”, added John Stevenson. The Toronto Police Service reports that the hate crime rate in 2022 was 74% higher than it was in 2019. Particularly on transit, East and South Asians are the target of crime. Transit safety is a big concern for many Torontonians, and that is especially true for Asian Torontonians.


It’s important to note that other CulturaliQ studies show that racialized people in the GTA and Canada-wide are at least as educated as their non racialized counterparts, while newcomers are even more so versus the Canadian average. However, many racialized people are still living below the poverty line due to systemic barriers.

Key to uncovering these findings is the first of its’ kind App, FieldIntel.

“FieldIntel is a groundbreaking App that provides the critical information that has been missing; immediate feedback on market testing, product launch or even provide a sounding board on a long-term multicultural marketing strategy”, said John Stevenson.

“For the first time ever, we can plug into our powerful panel of recent immigrants for a quick and nimble temperature check on all matters of issues and items. Access to actionable data has never been so attainable and affordable.”

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Published: June 6, 2023


John Stevenson

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