Report: How Black Consumers Are Reshaping the Canadian Market


This overdue research paper does the thorough work required to engage and better understand the actions and propensities within the consumer behaviour of the Black Canadian Community.

This extensive study delivers much detail into many corners of the market and many different goods & services industries.

Within this study, 3 points of consistency became apparent.

  • A sense of community responsibility that will be backed up with spending support.
  • A forward-looking view toward future spending planning and the willingness to invest in improvement if required to make that happen
  • Some simple realities of plain old sameness with non-visible minority Canadians with a multi-generations



Current consumer patterns & the anticipation toward future consumer capabilities from the Black Canadian population segment.

Black Canadian consumers have a lot of historical domestic behaviour patterns just as do all multi- generational segments of our population. Much of what this study unveils is not a result of recency or new-Canadian immediacy, but of repeated patterns built as multi-generational members of the Canadian economy.

Of course, there are active immigration trends within the Black community. Specifically, a large arrival pattern from Nigeria.

In 2017, the number of Black permanent resident admissions was 17,205, of which 5,445 were from Nigeria (31.6%). In 2021, that total number was 29,300, of which 15,595 were from Nigeria (53.2%).

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Published: December 25, 2023


John Stevenson

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