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Cricket - The Fast Growing Sport in Canada

A National Study 

A Research Report For Marketers: The Market Potential of Cricket Fans in Canada is largely being driven by the largest and fastest growing South Asian community. Cricket is an ideal gateway for building engagement with South Asian and West Indian communities
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of cricket fans watch cricket at least once per week


like to gamble on the outcome of cricket matches


are planning home renovations within the next 12 months


are planning on buying an automobile within the next 12 months

Today, there are 5,000,000+ cricket fans in Canada.. Cricket is popular amongst Canadians with an ethnic heritage from South Asia, the West Indies, South Africa, Australia and England.  Growth in the popularity of cricket has largely been driven from the rapid growth of the South Asian (now over over 2.9 m) and West Indian communities (over 820K) in Canada.

This first national study identifies the international marketing opportunity represented by Canadian Cricket Fans.

This first national study identifying the international marketing opportunity of Canadian Cricket Fans.

Did you know?

Cricket Fans are …

Willing to pay more for healthier, environmentally friendly, organic products – also like to try new brands

Open to traveling (USA, international, cruise) post pandemic – even more so amongst South Asian and Black/West Indian vs White Cricket fans

South Asian and Black/West Indian Cricket fans over index on going to the movies, festivals and live concerts vs. White Cricket fans.

Cricket fans are willing to spend on large financial purchases in the next 12 months such as financial investments, automobiles, home renovations, real estate

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Cricket - The Fast Growing Sport in Canada