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How Black Consumers are Reshaping the Canadian Market

A national study 

Unpacking The Market Opportunity: Black Consumers, Professionals & Entrepreneurs
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of Black consumers are planning on investing in financial instruments within the next 2 years


are planning to invest in their primary residence


are planning on a vacation outside of Canada in the next 12 months


of Black consumers like to try new products

CulturaliQ in partnership with Silvertrust Media have completed a national research study on the Black consumer in Canada.  The Black community is the third largest visible minority group, numbering over 1.6 million and growing. Despite the large size of the Black community, it has been often ignored by Corporate Canada and the broader marketing community due primarily to the lack of consumer data.  This study was commissioned to advance the market opportunity represented by Black Canadians from coast to coast.

A Research Report For Marketers: Identifying the Market Potential Of the Modern Black Consumer

Did you know?

Black consumers are highly educated, motivated and confident in their abilities.  While 35% are successful business entrepreneurs owning a full-time business, 54% are busy upgrading their skills to become the top- performers within their organizations.

Black Consumers…

More than 50% are planning on major financial purchases in the coming years.

Prefer Bell over other Telco brands

Are much more optimistic about their professional life in the future

64% are willing to pay more for organic products

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About Silvertrust Media

Silvertrust Media is a publishing, broadcasting, digital media, creative and agency services as well as special initiatives company based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 1996 on a solid service foundation comprised of quality, integrity, and dexterity.

The Silvertrust Media team harnesses the best of technology and human resources to deliver the communication and entertainment products clients deserve.

The company is affiliated with print, broadcast and digital media platforms that amplify Black voices as well as serve Indigenous and other underserved communities.

We wish to acknowledge the sponsors for this study for the valuable contribution in advancing insights on Black Canadians.


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How Black Consumers are Reshaping the Canadian Market