We are offering a complete suite of market research, data mining and
strategic services for companies, organizations and agencies.

Throw out the traditional rules and strategies. When it comes to new ethnic and cultural consumers, the old data, insights and marketing tactics no longer apply.

Knowledge is power in today’s diverse marketplace. At CulturaliQ, this is our forté. Fresh, relevant, cultural marketing insights and strategy that drive successful marketing campaigns. You’ll find it here.

Let us help you make an impact in the cultural market through research, analysis and up-to-the-minute cultural market data and insights to laser-focus your programs, strategies and initiatives. Then, we’ll work with you to transform these insights to effective strategies and results-focused marketing programs.

Full circle services to sharpen your aim

Everything you need to succeed in the diverse cultural marketplace is right here – from qualitative, quantitative and Neuro-cultural data analysis, in-depth research and incisive auditing, all the way to program activation, consulting and campaign management.

We make sure you’re well-informed, fully-equipped and perfectly poised to make a powerful impact.

CulturaliQ offers an integrated suite of services to help you seize cultural opportunities and reach any given niche.


Market Analysis, Data and Insight


Quantify. Get current cultural market data to drive your strategy and campaigns.


Culturadapt Audit


Delivering on the promise where the rubber hits the road (at the shelf, at the store or online).


Cultural Strategy & Campaign Management


Go to market! Let us take your brand from insight to action.