Knowledge is power. At CulturaliQ, this is our forté. Fresh, relevant, cultural marketing insights and strategy that drive successful marketing campaigns. You’ll find it all here.

Our CulturaPanel™ provides access to over 150K Ethnic Consumers, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ & People living with Disabilities Across Canada. It also includes 100K Ethnic Consumers across the U.S.

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Service Engagement
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Market Analysis & Insights

Identifying the size of the market opportunity (data mining, marketing segmentation)
Benchmarking how consumers engage with local & International brands before moving to North America (Global Sense™)


Field Intelligence is Canada's first multicultural Mobile survey APP
Allowing in-situ location-based or online questionnaires
Ideal for fast and efficient multicultural trackers

Voice of the Consumer

CulturaPanel™ with over 150K cultural panelists
Inspiration Sessions
Customer Journey Research

AI Sentiment Analysis

Tracks and analyzes consumer sentiment from multiple sources including social media, audio, and in-bound email conversations.

Campaign Management

Optimized integrated programs that deliver
Targeted messaging in their native language

Client Organizational Readiness

Service & product offerings
Staffing | Organizational assessment (360dei™)
Merchandise | Category assortment
In-store experience

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