Sport in Canada. You’re not too late. Everybody’s here.

As a South Florida Hockey Team battles against a Southwest desert team for our beloved Stanley Cup, we had just closed the books on griping about the 30-year Cup drought for Canadian Hockey teams. Then a 72 FT putt fell for eagle at Oakdale GCC yesterday to reignite the flame. To remind us that there are so few pure places left for Canadians to gather as a whole unit. A whole team.

You won’t find moments like yesterday outside of the Sport landscape. Nothing divisive, no manufactured anger or contention. Just simple enjoyment and a shared experience that’s embedded now. That quickly it can become part of us, and we’ll be sharing it for a long time to come.

Here at CulturaliQ we are always dicing and slicing and searching and identifying those corners, those platforms where racialized Canadians are making their respective moves deeper into the Canadian Community. Into the Canadian market.  The more we connect with new Canadians, the more we are understanding that their sport passion traveled very well and is in healthy shape as it looks around for the best places to step into the sport culture of Canada.

Whether it’s a shift in our landscape like we are seeing through the growth of Cricket. Or from an adoption perspective as new Canadians find a domestic sport to claim for their own in their neighborhoods and school yards. It’s all very simple. Sport is a unifier.

Every single company in every single industry needs to take their internal temperature on their current engagement in this arena. We know that Canadian companies are working hard to understand the shifting market that a shifting population delivers. We also know that Sport is the backdrop for all this to be understood and shared further.

We are planted firmly at the intersection and we can place you precisely where you need to be for success and growth.

Contact me,, for a chat to evaluate your current status and to chart a path. A path toward new Canadians through the world of sport.

Published: June 13, 2023


John Stevenson

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