Sports: A look back to 2022

As many of us Canadians wrapped up watching the 2023 World Juniors last night on the TSN Network, we were reminded of that other great sporting events that so many Canadians also gathered together recently to enjoy.

We’d been keeping an eye open. For those of us in the business of cultural understanding and the role Sport plays inside that – the 2022 World Cup was something we here at CulturaliQ were looking very forward to. We knew there would be some activity worth noting.

What did we witness? The statement “instant record-breaker” came early. For those of us anticipating what this World Cup could mean inside our amazingly diverse Country – these words were no surprise at all.

Canada’s opening match at the 2022 World Cup did just that. It broke records.

In a release from Bell Media, the following incredible numbers were noted:

– Canada’s opening game became the second-most-watched sports broadcast of the year behind only the Super Bowl.

– Live viewership peaked at 4.9 Million viewers at 3:50 PM.

– TSN’s official social accounts were blowing up with 31+ Million views and 60M+ impressions for the World Cup at that point.

And of course, in a culturally diverse country such as ours, the viewership was not solely for the Canadian National Team, as the first 4 days of the tournament saw a total of 13.1 million unique viewers across Canada. The extensive live coverage from TSN and CTV was being enjoyed Coast-to-Coast.

The role Sport plays in the path that new Canadians take is immense. These new Canadians face many routine consumer-packaged-good decisions. Where to shop – what phone service to buy – which Insurance Company to sign up with. And then there are those few highly personalized decisions to consider as well. Those decisions that will be part of how these families will present themselves to their new Canadian communities.

This can be emotional, but it can also be tactical as new families choose which sport will represent them. Which Sport to be a fan of. Which Sport to enroll the kids in. This is their first step as they self brand inside their new Country, and it is very important. Will they stay in a comfortable place and pursue Cricket or Soccer? Will they consider other sports that may bring them closer to a different portion of their new Country?

This is a space where big questions are being answered and we at CulturaliQ have been here for a long time. We have the knowledge and the experience to position your product or your Sport Association at the crossroad where these decisions are being considered. Keep in mind, unlike a consumer-packaged-good decision which will happen time and again, this decision is made once and is often a lifetime choice so get invested in being part of the process immediately.

Every Sport Company and Association is working to support some version of their own “Grow the Game” initiative – that important growth needs guidance and in-community experience for real success.

We at CulturaliQ are already here and ready to be the Agency to guide you through this space.

We have 3 resources you won’t find elsewhere. Decades of Cultural data from hundreds of studies and campaigns. The largest opt-in Panel of recent Immigrants to engage for new specific information you require. A history of Sport content communication bridging the Languages of each sport with the cultural nuances of New Canadians.

Blog contributor: Tim Green

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Published: January 18, 2023


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