Sports: a shared multicultural global passion

Last Sunday night we saw the Women’s NCAA Basketball final game dominate the airwaves. That incredible 2 weeks for the Women as they marched to their Final Four and the emergence of Caitlin Clark and her Iowa Hawkeye team. What a show – what a story. And it had a 2nd act as the incredible team and coach from LSU took the title. Great players. Great stories. Great athletes. Amazing entertainment.

Then the next night we have the Championship game on the Men’s side, followed Tuesday by the Champions Dinner in Augusta with the Par 3 tourney going off yesterday before it all starts today.

The boys of Summer are back with Opening Days across MLB last week. Playoff pairings are settling in for the NHL. The World Curling Championships in Ottawa. And on the worldwide front we saw the Owner of a Cricket team in Mumbai take over top spot as richest owner in Pro Sports as LA Clipper owner, and Microsoft Mega-billionaire Steve Ballmer drop from that perch as Microsoft shares took a hit.

Sports seems to be gaining. As many things go the other way, sports is getting better and more powerful. We all share it. It’s one of the last communal moments that we all share LIVE from our respective corners of our individual worlds. It is big fun and big money.

Here at CuturaliQ we are, pardon the wildly intended pun, in the game. From our recent Cricket study we recently published including the White Paper authored by our own Sports and Entertainment Director Tim Green – back to when I first worked with Tim a dozen years ago putting together an in-language and in-culture campaign for a golf course launch delivering a Cantonese campaign. We’ve been matching the wide world of sport with the changing face our Canadian population.

Languages and cultures cross borders very well. Sport passion travels the world very well. There are incredible opportunities for this growth pairing here in Canada for any Company looking to position themselves in a very stable and sturdy spot pointing directly to our shared future.

Catch you on the playing field of your choice.

Published: April 6, 2023


John Stevenson

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