Get a research-driven strategy to reach cultural markets

You have the data, analysis and insights – but what now? Your company needs a focused strategy based on these insights to go to market. We can assist. Our experts bring years of cultural marketing experience to your doorstep and can develop a tactical marketing program that packs a punch in the cultural marketplace. From there, you decide whether you want us to run your campaigns, direct your staff — or help you find the ideal marketing partner to get your program off the ground.


Our strategy services include:

Short and long-term strategic marketing and communications plans: including a competitor SWOT analysis

Multicultural marketing budgeting: to ensure you effectively tap into the market opportunity without overspending.

Partnerships: Let us partner with you — or help you find the right partners —to get your brand in front of cultural consumers.

Take your cultural strategy to market

At CulturaliQ, we also leverage our deep understanding of the cultural marketplace to execute results-driven cultural marketing campaigns for our clients. Our tactical marketing team delivers integrated programs that align seamlessly with your “mainstream marketing” strategy. We are fanatic about tracking everything we do, from establishing the benchmarks to measuring ongoing media response- and continually optimizing campaigns. Our services include:

Cultural media programs (based on media consumption by culture)

Messaging that resonates with the cultural niche – in their home language

Creative to reflect critical cultural nuances (uncovered through our insight process) to drive affinity and acquisition.

Continual optimization of media placements and creative execution

Leverage our leading-edge
technologies to run powerful, multilingual e-campaigns

Look to our expertise and leading digital media applications to target the cultural consumer in all the right locations and languages. From SEO, SEM, programmatic through to hyper-local, we’ll track and engage your potential consumer through their buying journey to maximize your ROI and drive conversions. CulturaliQ gives you access to leading-edge digital technologies such as:

Web2Home™: brings your brand to the door of the cultural consumer via programmatic direct mail

AdChat™: an AI-based ad BOT that offers a conversational ad that brings your brand to life in over 21 languages – and triples engagement rates

Get our Cultural Marketing Strategy, Campaign Management and Digital Services  working for you today.


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