The Changing Face of Canada’s Workforce

A research report for employers to unlock the
potential of a growing South Asian women labour force.


The South Asian community, as a whole, is the single largest visible minority group in Canada comprising 26% of the total visible minority population. During the COVID-19 pandemic the unemployment rate swelled to 11.3% in July 2020 — out of which 20.4% were South Asian women 37% of women have a university degree compared to 33% other visibility minitorities, and 21.9% of non-visible minorities.
Highly educated, young, South Asian women are among the fastest growing population segment in Canada and yet are more unemployed and underutilized in the workplace.


Immigration is essential to grow the Canadian workforce.

South Asian Women make up on average 15% percent of newcomers annually.

South Asian Women are one of the most educated workforces in Canada yet are underemployed compared to other ethnic groups.

By 2056, Canadian companies will be completely dependent on immigrants for workforce.

Corporate Canada needs to prepare NOW to tap the ‘Potential South Asian Workforce’.

CulturaliQ in partnership with @pinkattitudeevolution, will be launching a national research study and accompanying action-plan on unlocking the potential of a growing South Asian women labour force. We’re looking for partners to join us on this new syndicate study. It is now, not tomorrow that we must create a support system to uplift women to their full potential.


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Pink Attitude Evolution was founded in 2015 and is the first non-profit organization of its kind in Canada where women of South Asian origin are empowered to achieve their full potential in their chosen endeavors. The PAE Board is comprised of a cross-section of professionals who share the common vision and have the strong passion and commitment to make a difference in this under-developed area.