The Rapidly Changing Workforce: Reflections on 2022

Canada achieved its goal in 2022 achieving the highest level of immigration in our history.  Over 431,000 permanent new residents settled into Canada last year alone.  The federal goal is driven by the emerging labour force gap which was compounded by COVID, with a large wave of retirements from the BOOMER generation.

The wave of both permanent and International Student immigration is now largely coming from Asian countries with South Asia as the dominant source.  The South Asian community in Canada is one of the highest educated cohorts and is younger relative to the general population.   The question remains, not only for the South Asian community, how is corporate Canada effectively utilizing the valuable skill sets from this emerging labour force.

Which brings me to CulturaliQ’s 2022 initiative with Pink Attitude Evolution. The Changing Face of Canada’s Workforce, the Pink Attitude / CulturalIQ national study identified the barriers faced by South Asian women in the labour market and recommendations to enhance and empower this highly educated community.

They included:

  • Offering effective DEI Initiatives
  • Providing targeted mentorship and sponsorship opportunities
  • Offering profession development (that is geared to busy time pressed professional women)
  • Providing flexible working arrangements
  • Recognition of international Credentials


CulturaliQ is committed to continue identifying the gaps in multicultural insight while supporting organizations that are driving change, reducing the barriers for all Canadians to fulfill their full potential.

For more information on the National Study click here.

For more information on Pink Attitude Evolution click here

Published: February 1, 2023

John Stevenson

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