Uncovering The Black Entrepreneur, Professional and Consumer

A Comprehensive Study On
The Modern Black Entrepreneur,
Professional And Consumer In Canada


The Black community is the third-largest visible minority group in Canada, numbering about 1.2 Million and growing.
Despite the large size of the Black community, it is often ignored by Corporate Canada and marketers. This is driven in part by a lack of data availability. This constitutes a missed opportunity for businesses, other service providers and limits outreach to entrepreneurs in the community.
The low level of interest is likely due to the myth about the Black consumer. As in any community, there is a spectrum between those that are financially challenged and those who are wealthy; those who are employed or under-employed and those who are entrepreneurs and professionals.

Why Focus on the
Black Consumer Now?

This need has never been stronger as demonstrated by recent events captured in our daily headlines. This survey will uncover important information that will address systemic barriers that limit success for members of the community, corporate Canada, and public sector stakeholders.
It will reflect the “diversity within the diversity” that is inherent in the Black community, and how products and services can be channelled appropriately. This includes the fact that the Black community is not a homogeneous group, as it consists of Continental African, the Caribbean, and other Blacks.
It will also reflect the fact that a portion of the Black community are newcomers from Africa and the Caribbean, while a portion is from the United States as well as others who have being a part of the fabric of Canada for centuries. The study will also delve into insights about various Canadian-born Blacks.

This Study will be Unlike Anything Done Before in Canada

Silvertrust Media in collaboration with CulturaliQ are extremely excited and proud to be co-launching this new study – “Uncovering the Black Consumer & Business Opportunity: A Comprehensive Study on the Modern Black Consumer + Entrepreneur in Canada".
This study is not going to be centered around structural racism or workforce diversity and inclusion as there has been much research already devoted to these areas. Black Consumers make up 3.5% of the Canadian population (compared with 5.6% for South Asian & 4.6% for Chinese).

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