Are you losing market share in a
rapidly changing marketplace?

Afraid of erosion or stagnation because your brand is not reaching or resonating with new ethnic and diverse cultural communities?

Are you anxious to break through to new cultural market segments through all the right channels with all the right messages?

We can help. CulturaliQ delivers multicultural, ethnic and cultural market analysis, precise data, qualitative insights and strategic direction to inform and strengthen cultural marketing campaigns. We ask all the right questions and synthesize the data for you to drive strategy and build market share.

WhatWe Do

We are a market research and strategy agency delivering insights to help brands succeed in cultural markets
CulturaliQ works with you to identify, analyze and optimize new market opportunities through culturally-aware research, analysis and strategy. By gathering quantitative consumer data along with qualitative insights, we help you get a deep understanding of the new consumer so you can laser-focus your campaigns, seize the right opportunities and communicate more powerfully through your sales channels.


Market Analysis, Data and Insight


Quantify. Get current cultural market data to drive your strategy and campaigns.

Culturadapt Audit


Delivering on the promise where the rubber hits the road (at the shelf, at the store or online).

Cultural Strategy & Campaign Management


Go to market! Let us take your brand from insight to action.


  • “John and his team were a great asset to us! Through a
    quantitative and qualitative insight driven process they
    supported RE/MAX INTEGRA in retaining RE/MAX’s leadership
    position in the GTA during a period of a rapidly diversifying
    consumer market. I would highly recommend their services.”
    Carrie Manson
    Re/Max Integra
  • “…excellent to work with! They quickly assessed our marketing
    challenges through a quantitative and qualitive insight process
    and drove our transition from a traditional media to a fully
    integrated digital strategy. Operating throughout southern
    Ontario, this new approach, including social, SEO, SEM and
    display was very effective at reversing and then dramatically
    increasing our qualified onsite visitor traffic.”
    Howard Sher
    Executive Vice President, Quality Homes
  • “John and his team were great to work with. They identified
    the cultural opportunity and developed an effective
    multicultural / multilingual marketing program in the GTA.
    This helped us realize a strong sales result in the
    all-important winter tire sales season.”
    Ted Mangnall
    CTC Dealer, Chair GTA CTC Dealer Network GTA
  • "Having worked with John in the past, it is always a pleasure
    collaborating on projects with him. He is an insightful, creative
    and talented individual who gets the job done and delivers
    results. His enthusiasm and drive to succeed is refreshing
    and much appreciated as it allows our company to reap the
    Ilisa Chacon
    Marketing Manager, Grace Foods Canada Inc.